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L-R: Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, Inga Chouinard, State House Candidate Steve Slaton. (Photo: Lori Mills)

AZ Senator Wendy Rogers Affirms Small-Town Values

Helps Payson, AZ residents send a loud message supporting Israel

By Steve Kirwan, October 15, 2023 4:54 pm

Gila may not represent a large swath of Arizonans, but the mountain region sent a loud message on Saturday in support of Israel. The Gila County Republican Committee sponsored the downtown Payson “Pray for Israel Rally,” led by Rev. Douglas G. Halverson and Church for the Nations Pastor Tim McDonald. The rally, held in front of the committee headquarters—on Shabbat, no less!—resulted in a huge gathering of local citizens. Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-LD7) and House District 7 candidate Steve Slaton joined the festivities, helping collect aid through donations and by selling pro-Israel merchandise.

Senator Roger is supporting Mr. Slaton, who is running in the primary against former AZ representative Mike Blackman for the seat currently held by David Cook (R7). In an odd twist of fate, Cook is running against Sen. Rogers in the same primary. Cook has expressed concerns over the Senator’s judgment, resulting from her posting a video of Pres. Biden’s son Hunter showing his genitalia. Rogers previously apologized for the posting, stating she wasn’t aware of the images, but Cook is hoping to use the controversy as a wedge issue to oust the former Air Force Lt. Colonel.

Gila County, which encompasses a mountainous region northeast of the Phoenix metroplex, has a combined population of approximately 57K, including the cities of Payson and county seat Globe, parts of the Superstition Mountains and Tonto National Forest, plus sections of the Fort Apache and San Carlos Reservations. Gila is one of the state’s least populated counties, with just over 11 people per square mile. By comparison, the most densely populated, Maricopa County, boasts over 427.

L-R: Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, Inga Chouinard, State House Candidate Steve Slaton. (Photo: Lori Mills)
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Steve Kirwan
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