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State Senate President Warren Petersen speaking on the floor of the Arizona State Senate at the Arizona State Capitol building in Phoenix, March 1, 2023. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Senate President Warren Petersen Announces Committee Shakeups

New appointments to highlight subject matter expertise

By Steve Kirwan, September 29, 2023 3:05 pm

Arizona’s Republican-led Senate is reorganizing committee memberships in the aftermath of Senator Steve Kaiser’s (R-LD2) resignation announcement on June 14, 2023. Shawnna Bolick (R-LD2), who will take Kaiser’s spot on the Education committee, is one of many publicized changes planned by President Warren Petersen (R-LD14).

Kaiser, whose failed bipartisan affordable housing bill made him a pariah among some of his caucus’s more conservative members, cited the ol’ “need to spend more time with his family”—the equivalent of when a rock band fires its lead singer because of “artistic differences.” He also attributed the decision to frustration in passing conservative legislation due to the Governor’s skyrocketing veto record. She’s racked up 143 vetoes during her first year, far surpassing the previous 53-veto record set in 2005.

In his resignation letter, Kaiser lamented, “Watching good conservative policies be vetoed has made me become more focused on a desire to grow our majority.” State rules mandate the appointment of a Republican replacement, assuring the ability to run for reelection as an incumbent.

In a press release yesterday, President Petersen announced the new assignments and a planned dissolution of the Senate Committee on Commerce. All bills previously assigned to Commerce will be reassigned to one of the remaining committees.

Committee on Appropriations 

Chair- Senator John Kavanagh

Vice Chair- Senator Jake Hoffman

Committee on Education 

Chair- Senator Ken Bennett

Vice Chair- Senator Justine Wadsack

Committee on Elections 

Chair- Senator Wendy Rogers

Vice Chair- Senator Ken Bennett

Committee on Director Nominations 

Chair- Senator Jake Hoffman

Vice Chair- Senator Sine Kerr

Committee on Government 

Chair- Senator Jake Hoffman

Vice Chair- Senator Wendy Rogers

Committee on Finance

Chair- Senator J.D. Mesnard

Vice Chair- Senator Shawnna Bolick

Committee on Health & Human Services

Chair- Senator T.J. Shope

Vice Chair- Senator Janae Shamp

Committee on Judiciary

Chair- Senator Anthony Kern

Vice Chair- Senator John Kavanagh

Committee on Military Affairs, Public Safety, Border Security

Chair- Senator David Gowan

Vice Chair- Senator David Farnsworth

Committee on Natural Resources, Energy, Water

Chair- Senator Sine Kerr

Vice Chair- Senator T.J. Shope

Committee on Transportation & Technology

Chair- Senator David Farnsworth

Vice Chair- Senator Frank Carroll

Committee on Rules

Chair- President Warren Petersen

Vice Chair- Senator Sonny Borrelli

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Steve Kirwan
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