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The Arizona Globe is an independent, professional news website obsessively chronicling the politics of The Grand Canyon State. We are pro-growth and pro-business, non-partisan and objective; we report what we see and hear without fear or favor.

Arizona is the sunniest place on earth. And that optimism shows in our growth. Over the last three years, just three states have added more people than Arizona (Texas, Florida, and North Carolina).

The reason we’re welcoming some 258 new residents per day range from natural beauty to great weather to a growing economy. But not everyone agrees on how to preserve those traits or the best ways to measure liberty. That’s where the Arizona Globe comes in.

As both a fast-growing state and a swing state, Arizona plays an outsize role in national politics. What happens here reverberates throughout the US. We saw that in the presidential race in 2020 and the governor’s race in 2022. And now, the Arizona Globe is here to chronicle all the action — the politics and the personalities that make our state tick.

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Meet the Editor:

Steve Kirwan is the founding editor of The Arizona Globe. He has called the state home for TK years and is deeply intrigued by its politics. A committed connoisseur of adult beverages with more than 20 years of experience reviewing and writing about whiskey and wine, Steve is also the editor of Wine and Whiskey Globe. He is the founder and editor of Single Malt USA and Whiskey Trends Online.


The Arizona Globe publishes fresh, original content every day. Errors are regrettable but inevitable. When mistakes occur, it is our policy to address them with a correction, update, clarification, or editor’s note as quickly and as transparently as possible. Our aim is for readers to understand exactly what mistake was made, the correct information that replaces or supplements it, and in some relevant cases, why the mistake occurred (eg, we misunderstood what a source was telling us vs. simply mistyping a year). While minor mistakes of spelling or grammar are corrected without special mention, mistakes that alter the thrust or understanding of a story are appended in a way that clarifies what went wrong and how it’s been corrected.s.

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