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State Sen. Sine Kerr. (Photo: azleg.gov)

Kerr, Carroll, and Hoffman to Lead Committee on High Gas Prices

Senators seek replacement of Arizona’s expensive ‘Clean Burning Gasoline’ blend

By Steve Kirwan, October 15, 2023 1:32 pm

The Arizona Senate announced on Friday, 10/13/23, the formation of a Joint Legislative Ad Hoc Study Committee on Air Quality and Energy with members of the Arizona House. The stated intent of the study is to determine the “driving force behind this pain at the pump.”

Arizona passed a law in 1997 requiring a unique formulation of so-called “CBG,” or “Clean Burning Gasoline,” used only in Arizona. This exclusivity places an undue burden on Arizona drivers, causing unexpected spikes in pricing and even scarcity driven by supply issues.

The press release announcing the committee formation cited a June 12 Arizona Republic story uncovering Governor Hobbs’ refusal to provide a waiver for the special blend despite the legal authority to do so. Co-Chair and Majority Whip Sine Kerr expressed concerns over Arizona’s continued use of CBG and the Governor’s failure to help motorists.

“We want to get to the bottom of why Arizona is the only state in the country using this rare fuel blend, and what alternatives we can switch to that will still provide environmental benefits while saving drivers money,” stated Senator Kerr. “We also hope to learn why Governor Hobbs opted not to provide immediate relief to motorists when she had the opportunity to do so. Her actions were far from the precedent set by Governors before her, and the end result has had reckless impacts on the wallets of our citizens. In gathering this information, we plan to craft policy that will ensure Arizona drivers and our economy are prioritized, and not unattainable environmental goals.”

The committee meeting is scheduled for 10/16/23 at 3 PM. A copy of the agenda is available here.


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