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Christy Kelly
Christy Kelly, JD, LLM

Arizona Globe Welcomes New Writer Christy Kelly

Christy brings a unique perspective and voice to our organization.

By Steve Kirwan, June 17, 2024 5:00 am

Arizona Globe is pleased to announce the addition of a new freelance contributor! Christy Kelly, JD, LLM, specializes in objective reportage and analysis of the critical behind-the-scenes issues impacting Arizona politics. Her experience in dispute resolution, coupled with her deep connections with many of the movers and shakers in Arizona’s tense and often contentious political landscape, provides a unique perspective that our readers will appreciate. Her spirited but nuanced approach to journalism and storytelling allows her to write from a politically neutral viewpoint.

Christy is also a passionate humanitarian, having founded Humanity Assemble, a nonprofit that fosters community and understanding and emphasizes positive outcome-based conflict resolution. In addition, Humanity Assemble advocates for mentoring, family wellness, life balance, and civic involvement.

Christy lives in the Phoenix Metroplex’s West Valley with her husband and three daughters; Kelly’s personal and professional life reflects her commitment to making a positive difference in her community.

Please follow Kelly on Twitter / X and email story tips to [email protected].

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