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Speaker Ben Toma with House Minority Leader Andrés Cano
Speaker of the Arizona House Ben Toma and State House Minority Leader Andrés Cano speaking with attendees at the 2023 Legislative Forecast Luncheon hosted by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

AZ Speaker Ben Toma Releases Committee Assignments

Publishes the 2024 list of House movers and shakers

By Steve Kirwan, December 30, 2023 10:22 am

Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma released committee assignments for the Second Regular Session of the 56th Legislature, which opens on January 8, 2024. Although there were no surprises, the press release was likely lost due to the Christmas holiday. So, in case you missed it, here are the highlights. We’ve also included a link to the full press release which shows the complete list of committee members. Congratulations to all!

Standing Committees

David Livingston-R28, Chair
Joseph Chaplik-R3, Vice Chair

Budgetary Funding Formulas:
Matt Gress-R4, Chair

Fiscal Accountability:
Selina Bliss-R1, Chair

State & Local Resources:
Julie Willoughby-R13, Chair

Justin Wilmeth-R2, Chair
Michael Carbone-R25, Vice Chair

Beverly Pingerelli-R28, Chair
David Marshall(Sr.)-R7, Vice Chair

Land, Agriculture & Rural Affairs:
Lupe Diaz-R19, Chair
Michele Peña-R23, Vice Chair

Military Affairs & Public Safety:
Kevin Payne-R27, Chair
Rachel Jones-R17, Vice Chair

Health & Human Services:
Steve Montenegro-R29, Chair
Barbara Parker-R10 (Vice Chair)

Municipal Oversight & Elections:
Jacqueline Parker-R15, Chair
Alexander Kolodin-R3, Vice Chair

Quang Nguyen-R1, Chair
Selina Bliss-R1, Vice Chair

Natural Resources, Energy & Water:
Gail Griffin-R19, Chair
Austin Smith-R29, Vice Chair

Transportation & Infrastructure:
David Cook-R7, Chair
Teresa Martinez (Majority Whip)-R16, Vice Chair

Ways & Means:
Neal Carter-R15, Chair
Justin Heap-R10, Vice Chair

Travis Grantham (Speaker Pro Tempore)-R14, Chair
Gail Griffin-R19 (Vice Chair)

Statutory Committees

Joseph Chaplik-R3, Chair
Travis Grantham (Speaker Pro Tempore)-R14, Vice Chair

Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC):
Matt Gress-R4, Chair

Joint Committee on Capital Review (JCCR), and
Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC):

David Livingston-R28, Chair

Legislative Council
Ben Toma (Speaker of the House)-R28, Chair

Download the full committee assignment press release-PDF

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