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State Representative Leezah Sun at the 2023 Legislative Forecast Luncheon hosted by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Chase Field in Phoenix, January 6, 2023. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Sun Resigns Amid Intense Scrutiny Over behavior

Preempts ouster for threatening Tolleson city employees among other violations

By Steve Kirwan, February 1, 2024 11:21 am

Embattled AZ State Representative Leezah Sun (D22) resigned one day after a guilty determination by the House Ethics Committee just ahead of her impending ouster. In what might be considered an unusual political move, House Democrats sought to remove one of their members for her outrageous behavior. She was deemed guilty of “a pattern of inappropriate behavior in her official capacity and under the color of her office as a State Representative.” The Arizona Globe previously reported on the ongoing investigation into Sun’s alleged threats against Tolleson city employees, along with other ethics violations.

An accusation of threatening to kill Tolleson Chief Government Affairs Officer Pilar Sinawi by throwing her off a balcony was the final straw in a long series of abuses, which also included threatening to use SB1487 to investigate Littleton Elementary School District Superintendent Roger Freeman and invoking AG Kris Mayes’ name to intervene during a Juvenile and Family Court custody handoff, to name just two.

In a written statement, the Democrat leadership expressed support for the process. “Our Democratic leadership team is grateful to the Ethics Committee for its diligent, intensive and transparent work on this report, and to the witnesses who came forward to share their stories under incredibly difficult circumstances. The facts are overwhelmingly clear and speak for themselves. Representative Sun engaged in a pattern of disorderly behavior that damaged the reputation of the House.”

The committee found that Sun violated the “disorderly behavior” clause of Rule 1. The official response noted, “The Committee notes that its findings are uniquely fact-intensive and require a subjective assessment of Representative Sun’s credibility. Accordingly, the Committee recommends that all members of the House fully examine this Report and the material cited herein. The Committee agrees, unanimously, that Representative Sun violated Rule 1. Based on this finding, and because Representative Sun’s violation of Rule 1 occurred in connection with her official capacity as a member of this House, the Committee deems it appropriate for the House as a whole to decide what disciplinary measures should be taken.”

The House has a history of self-policing its membership. It previously censured Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton (D21) and expelled former Rep. Liz Harris (R13) after determining both had engaged in “disorderly behavior” in separate incidents. Sun is the second Democrat to resign from the House this year. On January 1. 2024, Rep. Athena Salman resigned her seat to become the Arizona campaign director for the state chapter of Reproductive Freedom for All (formerly known as NARAL – National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws), a far-left, pro-abortion PAC.

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