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Kari Lake has endorsed Janet Wittenbraker for Mayor of Tucson.

Lake, Masters Endorse Longshot Tucson Mayoral Candidate

GOPer looking to pull off upset in liberal stronghold

By Steve Kirwan, October 27, 2023 1:40 pm

Tucson is a retirement Mecca for so-called “snowbirds,” seniors who migrate to warmer climes during the cold northern winter months. They also register to vote in a two-to-one ratio of Democrat to Republican, making the city a reliably blue haven in an otherwise purplish-red state. This fact does not bode well for Republican mayoral candidate Janet Wittenbraker, despite recent endorsements by US Senate hopeful Kari Lake and just-announced CD8 candidate Blake Masters.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Lake stated, “I’m excited to endorse Janet Wittenbraker for Mayor of Tucson… The great people of Tucson deserve so much better than the leadership they’ve been given… I know @voice4tucson is the right person to lead them out of the Democrat disaster & into a new era of greatness… She has my complete & total endorsement!”


The Tucson transplant’s campaign website touts her business experience in “a range of roles, including executive administration, contract management, code and compliance regulation, human resources, and risk management,” as evidence of her capability to lead Arizona’s second-largest city. Wittenbraker is running against incumbent Democrat mayor Regina Romero, Independent Ed Ackerley, and Libertarian Arthur Kerschen. Despite Romero’s focus on climate change and social issues, Wittenbraker faces an uphill battle due to the overwhelming number of Democrat voters and the potential of splitting votes among the other conservative candidates.

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Steve Kirwan
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