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Look Ahead America investigates Arizona election irregularities

Claims proof of 69 cases of double voting

By Steve Kirwan, September 14, 2023 12:59 pm

The right-leaning lobbying group Look Ahead America (LAA) has touted itself as the tip of the spear for investigating and reporting Arizona election irregularities. However, despite their claim of unequivocal evidence of fraud, they’ve once again been thwarted by Democrat Attorney General Kris Mayes’s office.

LAA claims to have provided clear evidence of 69 cases of double-voting in the 2020 and 2022 general elections, while one voter appears to have voted in three states in every election since 2016. Despite the alleged proof, the Arizona AG’s office dismissed all cases without consideration of the evidence. LAA reports that the rejection letter stated:

“Based on a review of this information provided to our office, it has been determined that this office will not initiate a criminal investigation in this matter. This is since we are no longer reviewing these complaints based on historical elements and the unlikelihood of any potential prosecution after the length of time has passed.”

The rejection is particularly troubling given the continuing legal challenges by Hayes’s Republican opponent, Abe Hamedah, who still contends that he, not Hayes, won the 2022 election.

Although LAA didn’t directly reference Hamedah’s challenge, their Director of Research, Ian Camacho, responded to the rejection letter:

“Double voting is a Class 5 felony under three different state statutes with a seven-year statute of limitations, so this response does not even make sense. Furthermore, the clock has stopped for those that moved out of Arizona, meaning AZ can prosecute far beyond November 2023 even in the oldest cases.”

Look Ahead America has vowed to refile the legal challenge in six months, according to state filing rules, along with an additional six dozen cases identified since the original filing.

You can read the full story on LAA’s website¬†here.

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