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Ballot Numbers Assigned
Ballot Numbers Assigned (Photo: Element5 Digital)

Ballot Proposition Number Assigned Ahead of Election

Ballot referrals approved by lawmakers, ready for SoS distribution

By Steve Kirwan, July 10, 2024 9:07 am

(The Center Square) — Ballot referrals in Arizona now have their proposition numbers, which means there’s a change in what the proposals were referred to then when it’s a bill in the legislature.

In total, 11 ballot referrals came from the legislature and three petition-based ballot initiatives. For example, a sweeping border and immigration bill, House Concurrent Resolution 2060, will be Prop. 314 and the legislation scrapping judicial retention elections will be known as Prop. 137. The full list can be found on the state legislative website.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers debated the analyses of each proposition used to explain to voters what the propositions would actually do in a legislative council meeting on Monday, and they also heard feedback from political stakeholders and members of the public.

This included the abortion access ballot initiative, which the proposal and two other initiatives do not have a number yet because they’re pending petition signature verification from the Secretary of State’s office.

These analyses are placed in the “publicity pamphlet” sent out by the SoS office, according to the legislature’s website.

At one point, Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, D-Tucson, put forth an amendment to have the language say “fetus” instead of “unborn” child. The amendment failed.

“Fetus is the correct medical term,” Rep. Nancy Gutierrez, D-Tucson, said.

Ballot measures, whether coming from the legislature or a petition-based effort, are used to bypass either the governor or the legislature in hopes of getting policy put forward. As a result, voters throughout the state can expect a long ballot in the mail or in the booth this fall where they will get a direct say on a variety of issues.

Arizona currently has a divided government, with Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs and Republicans holding narrow majorities in both chambers of the legislature. The electorate reflects a similar picture, with the state having roughly one-third Democrats, one-third Republicans, and one-third who are Independents or third-party members.

Story by Cameron Arcand

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