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Blake Masters at an Arizona First Election Eve rally at the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott, Arizona, November 7, 2022. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Blake Masters Unveils First Two CD8 Endorsements

Gosar and Vance support candidate’s run for Congress

By Ken Kurson, October 27, 2023 2:48 pm

Earlier this week, the Globe described the steady slate of GOP endorsements Abe Hamadeh had been amassing for his Congressional run in CD8. Apparently, our mesmerizing turn of phrase ‘cascade of invincibility’™ caught on at least a little bit because now that Blake Masters has joined the race, he too is unfurling a few high-profile supporters.

Today on X, Masters announced the support of Ohio Senator JD Vance and Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar. Both included brief testimonials that signaled Masters’ intention to run as an outsider.

Rep. Gosar said, “Blake is exactly who we need to stand up to the Uniparty Establishment.” And Vance is quoted saying “Blake is the conservative fighter we need in the House to combat the extreme liberal policies of Joe Biden and to put the GOP establishment in its place.” Look for future endorsements to feature opposition to the “establishment” just as strongly.

These are high-quality endorsements from national figures. Hamadeh has so far done a better job locking down support from local GOP bigs, including several state senators and state reps, not to mention Kari Lake, whose entire persona screams anti-establishment. But the race is about week old at this point and how the support eventually breaks—and whether it matters—is hard to predict. The “who’s the biggest outsider” dynamic is already at play, with Hamadeh firing off a pretty brutal tweet yesterday.

The haymaker here isn’t the part about “driving up all the way from Tucson” — it’s pretty clear that voters can forgive someone for living outside a District’s lines, especially considering they change every ten years. It’s the photo of Masters with Doug Ducey and Mike Pence — eminently decent fellows, but establishment to their navy blazered cores — that lands a blow.

Watch this space for updates on CD8 — prominent endorsements and possible other candidates. This is shaping up to be a fascinating primary.

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Ken Kurson
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